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Research Database Complex (RDC) Database and Web Services Account Application    

This form allows you to request a database account and/or web services on the RDC.

The RDC supports 5.5.8-enterprise-commercial-advanced MySQL Enterprise Server. Access to phpMyAdmin is created for you by default. Please see the RDC Home Page for an overview of the RDC and information to help you get started.

Oracle database accounts: The RDC primarily supports MySQL and the majority of database needs can be met through MySQL. However, if your research has an immediate requirement for specific functionality in Oracle, you may request to be considered for an Oracle database account (Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production). In the form below, 1) select "Need to discuss Oracle requirement" as the Database Type, and 2) specify the needed functionality and explain why Oracle is required for your research as part of the Research Description.

Note: The RDC maintenance window is the first Tuesday of each month, 8am-5pm. Notice of any emergency downtime will be posted at IT Notices.

Types of data that can be stored on the RDC:

Except for electronic protected health information (ePHI), the most sensitive classification of institutional data allowed on Research Technologies resources is Restricted. For more information on ePHI, see What is protected health information (PHI), which includes a section on ePHI. For the list of the classification levels at Indiana University, see Official classification levels.

If you have other, non-ePHI data that is classified as Critical, it cannot be stored in an RDC database. For help determining which institutional data elements are classified as Critical and considered ePHI, see Which data elements in the classifications of institutional data are considered protected health information (PHI).

In order to complete this request, you will need:

  • to specify what you believe will be the most sensitive classification of your data.
  • an IU Network ID. If you are a non-IU researcher or collaborator, and do not have an IU Network ID, please see Creating Affiliate Accounts.
  • an existing RDC account for the IU Network ID. If you do not already have an RDC account, use the Account Management Service (AMS) to request one. After you receive confirmation that your RDC account has been created, complete this form to request an Oracle database, a MySQL database, and/or web services on the RDC.